Player-driven economies

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Apr 012021

I’ve got a new blog post up on the Playable Worlds site, this time talking about the value of economies driven by players, and what that really means.

This often all gets boiled down to the phrase “a player-driven economy.” And people think it means revenue models and monetization. Maybe, if they are savvier about online worlds, they think it means players make the items that other players play with – and that’s true, they can and do and should! But even that is still a reductionist way to think of it.

A player-driven economy isn’t about the money. It’s about having every way to play the game serve a role in the ecosystem. It’s about all the wonderful and weird ways we choose to live and play, and how we find out that our silly hobbies are vital necessities to someone else.

In the end, it’s about making everyone important. Because we all are. Important. Plumbers, baristas, roleplayers and raiders.

Check it out here!

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  1. Great to see new articles up! I’m looking forward to reading more, and learning more about your new project.

    Fully agree – the biggest challenge in an MMO is finding ways for all the different playstyles to contribute positively to each other, and not cancel each other out.

  2. I have run a survey in Second Life for years about improving the new user experience and the number one priority people want is not less lag, not friends, not giveaways, but jobs. They want jobs. Real jobs. To make real money. They have that Protestant work ethic even in a game. They want a way to fit in the economy, somewhere. – Prokofy

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