The Future of Online Worlds

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Mar 252021
Colorful blue and green background with geometric shapes and lines. On the left: a circular picture of Playable Worlds CEO Raph Koster at a speaking event. On the right: large white text reads "The Future of Online Worlds".

We are starting to open up a bit about what we are doing here at Playable Worlds!

I am going to tell you that yes, worlds can feel alive, like real places. Places where you can stake out your virtual homestead, and leave your mark in a lasting way. Online worlds can be dynamic, fully persistent, and modifiable by players, and not just unchanging cardboard set pieces an inch deep and monetized a mile wide.

We have the technology: cloud computing power lets us do things with simulation and AI that once seemed impossible. This dream can come true.

To read more, head on over to the Playable Worlds website for the full article!

  2 Responses to “The Future of Online Worlds”

  1. It’s so refreshing to read your thoughts, Raph, and your understanding that the future of the Metaverse involves more “player” freedom and not the strictures of games.

    I still think Second Life offers a lot of the things you talk about although I realize you don’t see it that way because likely, you, too, decry its ancient “game engine” or whatever.

    Maybe you can find a new VP of Engineering for them. Scott Lawrence left after 10 years.

    The state of the debates there by the few who dominate the forums are so narrow-minded and so stuck on war games and racing

    And I realize that such thinking is common in this field, and I look forward to seeing whatever you produce.

  2. Nice article

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