Game talkGiving them what they want

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Aug 292006

Over on the thread about the Worldcon panel on WoW, an anonymous poster engaged in a bit of sarcasm:


This makes no sense!

Players apparently want to….. to play a game that’s…. that’s…. ‘fun’…?

They……. like……. combat????

They… don’t like waiting on other players in order to proceed in the game?

They… want to choose who they socialize with and when, rather than have it forced on them?

No no no, this is all wrong! These players must be wrong. Clearly they do not know what they want at all, because they cannot possibly want these things.

Of course, the sarcasm falls slightly flat, because it misses the point of the post, to my mind. But it does raise other questions.

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Game talkijji is here

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Aug 282006

ijji – Live Games Online is NHN’s try at cracking the casual gamer market in the US. Of course, we’ve already got and Pogo and any others — but what NHN brings to the table is the fact that their portal is #1 in most of the Pacific Rim. It’ll be interesting to see how it does here.