All in all, a lot of changes, all around.

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Apr 232000

Lots of stuff to talk about! To tackle things in order of how evident they are:

Yes, I redesigned the website. A few things have moved: in particular, a couple of sections got renamed, and a few things moved from one section to another.

I don’t work for Origin anymore. I’m now at the new Austin office for Verant Interactive, makers of EverQuest. I will not be working on EverQuest however, but on something yet to be announced. It was a very difficult thing to leave Origin after almost five years, and I wish all my many friends there all the best of luck.

Lots of new material is on the site as well. A brief list:

  • That opening address I was giong to give at Online Games ’99 is now up in the Gaming Essays section.
  • There’s a new Gaming Snippet about storytelling in the online space.
  • The Powerpoint presentation from GDC 2000’s session on the Laws of Online World Design is up now in the Gaming Laws section.
  • Lots of updates to the Online World Timeline! It’s moved into the Gaming Essays section.