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Mar 261999

GDC went great, loads of fun. Lots of attendance at the various online game sessions, including the ones I ran. I picked up several new laws from Jonathan Baron which are now on the Laws page, and I spent a lot of time hanging out with the guys who are doing Asheron’s Call. Also added a few laws of my own to the page.

More GDC Info

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Mar 131999

Realized that I dropped the info on the GDC presentation, so here it is again: at GDC I will be running a roundtable with Rich Vogel (producer of UO, former producer for Might & Magic Online and Meridian 59) on the “Laws of Massively Multiplayer Online Worlds.”

The roundtable will be run during Classic GDC, on Wednesday & Thursday at 10am, and on Friday at 11:30am.

I’ve added a new Misc Writing under the gaming section, dealing with the phenomenon of selling virtual property for real money.

Mar 121999

Turns out that not only will I be doing the roundtable at GDC, but I will also be helping out Dr Amy Jo Kim and Dr Amy Bruckman at their tutorial session on Building Online Communities.

This will run all day on Tuesday. Maybe I’ll see you there!

Also, I added a new Law from Damion Schubert to the Laws of Online World Design.