Playing live concert nowish!

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Oct 312009

And it will be here:

Concert over!

Thanks to everyone who came — I had a blast! I recorded the audio stream, so I will post it up once I get a chance to peek at it in a sound editor. Off for Halloween night stuff now, though!

Playing live Halloween concert tomorrow!

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Oct 302009

A collective of Metaplace users led by the intrepid MacZ have set up a huge Halloween event tomorrow. It kicks off at noon Pacific time in the world Riverbeer with costume contests, art displays, and a bridge to similar events in SL., proceeds to hayrides and world tours at 1pm, then Superbad supplies DJ music in The Lotus Room until 4pm.

And then comes the SCARY part. 🙂 I’ll be doing a 2 hour live set of music selected to fit the spooky theme, just me, my guitar, and as many creepy laughs as I can muster! It runs from 4 to 6pm Pacific in The Stage, and I will have it embedded here too. I set up a special version of the venue all decorated up for Halloween.

After my set, we’ll have more DJing, in the same venue, from J-Digital.

This will be the first time I have done a formal virtual concert, and I am terrified. Come share my fear. 🙂

Chong & Koster

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Oct 302009

This is a shoutout to my younger brother Josh Koster (who has been featured on the blog here before) — his firm Chong & Koster, which does political new media services, has just announced a partnership with TSE Consulting, which is a company that deals with what can only be called the politics of sports. They’ll be doing their “nanotargeting messaging” thing for sport-related campaigns.

It is fascinating to me to see the sorts of convergence that are happening; here, it’s new media marketing crashing into Olympic bids with the tools honed during the last election cycle. The world is changing fast!

See the other great press articles that Josh has contributed to at Chong & Koster, or visit them on CrunchBase.

Virtual Goods presentations

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Oct 302009

Slideshows from the Virtual Goods Summit are starting to pop up, and here two that I found so far:

Virtual Goods: Why & How They Work by Amy Jo Kim, all about them motivations behind virtual goods purchases.

A nicely detailed deck by William Grosso of LiveGamer on Managing a Virtual Economy that has plenty of concrete advice.

CNN on how games are healthy

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Oct 272009

Are video games good for your health? – It’s one of those slideshow dealies. Among the anecdotes:

  • Playing games can cure “lazy eye” better than an eye patch
  • Training with Wii Fit and Wii Sports improved balance in Parkinson’s patients

Always nice to see more of these studies…

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