I used to do artwork; I don’t much anymore. Back when I did, it was kind of meditative. I would sit with headphones on and just zone out until the piece was done. It brought me a lot of satisfaction. But I also realized, working alongside really good artists in the art department back in college, that even though I could draw OK, I wasn’t really an artist the way they were. For them, it was basically everything, and for me it wasn’t. So now I don’t draw much anymore, though I did do some artwork for Ultima Online (most notably the jungle plants).

I also, of course, did all of the artwork for A Theory of Fun. I frequently doodle and do little cartoons, and the book was supposed to be in that same spirit.

As far as what I do, it’s mostly black and white, mostly traditional media. I did most of my work in charcoals, pen and ink, and pencils. I have quite a collection of ink nibs, pastels, pencils of various sorts, and so on, and there’s a drafting table and light box in my home office. I moved on to Rapidograph pens for a while, while doing the original cartoons for Theory of Fun.

As I moved over to digital, I started using graphics tablets; my current one is a Yiynova MVP22U(V2). I also have used Tablet PCs for years. I have started noodling around some with doing cartooning and doodling on the iPad. The color versions of Theory of Fun were all colored digitally using a mix of these tools.