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Jul 312006

I am going to be there, moderating a panel and doing an autograph session. I will post once I know more. 🙂

Game talkESA speaks on E3

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Jul 312006

The formal announcement.

The new E3Expo will take shape over the next several months. As currently envisioned, it will still take place in Los Angeles, described by ESA as a “great and supportive partner helping to build E3.” It will focus on press events and small meetings with media, retail, development, and other key sectors. While there will be opportunities for game demonstrations, E3Expo 2007 will not feature the large trade show environment of previous years.

I think it’s safe to say that most people won’t think of that as “E3.” 🙂

Game talkDibbell’s interview event in SL

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Jul 312006

New World Notes: THE SECOND LIFE OF JULIAN DIBBELL has the transcript of the recent interview/Q&A that Julian did regarding his new book Play Money.

JD: Well jeez. I mean. The game in UO is leveling. The game in SL is building, or whatever social advancement that attains. The gold farmers are both playing the local game and serving others who want to play that game. The builders here, ditto.

Reuben Tapioca [from the audience]: I hear what you’re saying, but by that logic, is there any social system on earth (virtual or real) that isn’t a game?

Game talkLink collection

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Jul 312006

Just some random interesting links as I clear out my collection here…

  • All the industry folks are abuzz over the revelations that the ESA may downsize E3, turning it into nothing but private meeting rooms, as the larger publishers all leave to make their own events (a practice that more and more publishers have been pursuing anyway). What will this mean? Well, individual events will never get the media hype that E3 gets. The big publishers can show enough simultaneous titles to run a show. Smaller folks will get frozen out a little bit more from the traditional gaming media, since it will be harder to attract attention. More marketing will have to shift to the web. The media will get clearer pictures of the games at this downsized E3, but the happy accident of finding a cool game tucked in a corner will probably be reduced.
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MailbagFrom the mailbag

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Jul 282006

I just got done reading Chapter Nine of your Theory of Fun for Game Design and I think it suffered for not having a functional definition of ‘art’. I’ll throw you the one that I developed and hope that you find it useful as it is very applicable to systems in general. “Art is a manifestation of Genius.” This definition does more than just separate ‘good art’ from ‘bad art’ subjectively, but allows art to spread accross a wide swathe of mediums and fields. Yes, a beautiful mathematics proof can be art. Computer programs (and even games) can be art. It makes art reflect upon the creator and context. One’s regard for Duchamp’s Fountain, for example, is based on whether one thinks it a cute idea, a clever idea, or a manifestation of genius. The definition also rids us of the notion that art is somehow about communication. The only thing that art universally tries to convey is ‘Look what greatness mankind has wrought’.

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Jul 262006

I’ve talked before about how all forms of media are heading from commodity towards utility at various rates — music being the most obvious example, what with services now offering “all you can listen to for a flat monthly fee plus some extras for additional cost” business plans very much like a utility bill.

I didn’t quite expect, however, for games to get there this quickly. But as usual, Korea is a harbinger.

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