E3 is over

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May 242005

Hurray, E3 is over!

Latest press spottings of the book:

  • George “The Fat Man” Sanger calls it one of his “very favorite books of all time,” but he rags on the cartoons.
  • The Daily Pundit, of all places,
    discusses the LA Times article with the comment, “One practical payoff here is that Koster may have set the table for the first PC-acceptable justification for Booth Babes: luring males into teach/learn situations. If that angle ever gets traction it’s likely to find lots of creative applications.” Yikes.

Press round-up, including Dutch

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May 242005

And more May 24th…

Anyone read Dutch? ‘Cause there’s this review… Freetranslation.com renders the conclusion as “…as an introduction for the practical side of the ludologie an absolute must-property.” I think that’s good. πŸ™‚

(Also, is tic-tac-toe really called “Butter, Cheese, and Eggs” in Dutch?)

I have gotten my second Wikipedia link, and this time it’s as the only cited book reference in the “Game Programming” article on the French Wikipedia. Very cool.

Over on Machinima.com a bit from the book is serving as the starting point for a discussion of whether machinima can be art. The answer had better be “yes,” duh, especially coming from that crowd! I don’t see why anyone would think that machinima couldn’t be art given that it’s essentially an animation technique, and we know that animation can be art…

Lastly today (I hope), the Detroit News seems to have reprinted the editorial from the LA Times. At least, they reprinted around half of it. It almost reads like they ran it through MS Word’s auto-summarizer–which is not a knock, that tool is surprisingly good.

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LA Times editorial

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May 152005

I’ve got the front page of the Opinion section of the LA Times today! It’s mostly a brief summary of the content in the book, put in the context of E3, which is about to start in LA. I imagine the link will soon vanish behind their pay-for-archived-articles policy, so read it while you can…

For the curious, see if you can spot which paragraphs are mostly the editor’s words and not mine. πŸ™‚ (The title’s not mine either).

It’s unfortunate that the editors chose to attach a sidebar with the old “MMOs are addicting” theme on the
side of the article. It’s not entirely apropos, given the subject of the editorial itself.

May 042005

Been a litle while here–but there’s plenty of news.

The book is now also going to appear in Italian. I don’t have a timeframe for this, but it’s still pretty exciting.

Masaya Matsuura, designer of games such as Parappa the Rapper and VibRibbon has agreed to do the foreword for the Japanese edition. The Korean edition will feature a new foreword that I am writing aimed specifically at the Korean market.

The current print run is almost sold out! So the book is going back to press. I’ll get to fix those two egregious errors in the end notes (Debussy and Ravel, and whether Deathrace inspired the movie or vice versa).

A few speaking engagements are coming up. I’ll be on a panel at Supernova 2005. Not much to do with the book, though. The one that is is Training Fall, which is mostly about e-learning. This will be a version of the original “Theory of Fun” talk.

I am starting to get email related to the book. Of course, it’s hard to send me email since I haven’t actually published my email address on the website. Maybe I should have a forum for discussion here somewhere? Hmm.

Lastly, I have to point to Steven Johnson’s new book:

He recently wrote a wonderful little bit on games on his blog. I asked him whether he’d read AToF, and his reply was that he came across it very late in the process of writing, but he’ll be recommending it to people as he does his book tour. Much appreciated! I very much enjoyed his earlier books, so I am looking forward to this one.