Travel and speaking schedule

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Aug 272005

Whew… I think I am going to be on the road a lot. Upcoming speaking engagements in chronological order:

  • CSSW Ludium 1, held at the new Center for the Study of Synthetic Worlds, at Indiana University. I’ll be one of the “Artisans” so this isn’t really a speaking engagement.
  • Web 2.0, in San Francisco. I believe I am on a panel.
  • Training Fall, in Long Beach. This one is directly related to the book, and is entitled “Why Games Matter.”
  • Austin Game Conference, in, duh, Austin. A couple of panels here.
  • Korea Games Conference in Seoul. I’ll be keynoting.
  • Online Games Summit, Paris. No website is up for this one yet, but it’s put together by the Informa folks with help from the IGDA. I’ll be a keynote at this one too.

And I didn’t mention it, but I’ll be going to the Game Designers Workshop for the first time in years, since it’ll be in my backyard. But you can’t come unless you’re invited. 🙂

The Internet is a small place. My wife, who plays Discworld MUD, has found someone to translate those Dutch reviews. So hopefully I’ll find out what they say sometime soon!

Jessica Mulligan did a brief review in English, which makes my life much easier. It’s posted up on the press page now.

Computer Games mag reviews AToF

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Aug 212005

I’ve spent three weeks mostly on the road–speaking at Microsoft Meltdown, off on vacation, then off at a company meeting. And the week since I got back has been pretty crazy-busy!

Paraglyph Press, my publishers, and I have been talking about a follow-up to AToF. If we do what I am thinking about, it is going to be a large project. But it’d also be a lot of fun, I think.

The book is about to go back to print with the few pesky factual errors in it fixed. I have copies of the Chinese edition in my hands, and hopefully I’ll hear more about the Japanese, Korean, and other international editions soon. In the meantime, it still seems to be popping up internationally. Anyone read Dutch? ‘Cause I found this mini-review:

A Theory of Fun

Dit boek is een leuk “weggevertje”. Het gaat over het begrip ‘Gameplay’ en waarom spellen eigenlijk leuk zijn om te spelen. Het laat duidelijk zien dat het een onderwerp is waar je met gemak een boek over kunt schrijven dat nog lekker weg leest ook.

Machine translation seems to indicate that this is something somewhat nice.

This review definitely is:

Computer Games Online review