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Jul 042002

A minor update: four new Snippets under the Gaming section.

I’ve been reading a lot on scale-free networks, and been talking about them with Patricia Pizer and Will Wright among others. Sometime very soon, I think an essay on their applicability to online world design (and marketing!) will emerge.

I got my DVD of Avatars Offline. You can order it from the official site.

I’m going to be at SIGGRAPH for the first time this year, on a panel with Lorne Lanning, Will Wright, Scott Miller, Warren Spector, and Jason Della Rocca. The description reads:

The Fate of Play: Game Industry Revolutionaries Speak Out

Tuesday, 23 July
12:30 – 2:15 pm
Ballroom A

Prominent members of the International Game Developers Association investigate and discuss the direction of the game industry and how interactive entertainment will influence our future. This panel of game-industry revolutionaries explores how game design, character development, online connectivity, business models, and social and cultural implications all weave together with advances in technology to power the industry.

I am also going to be doing part of a workshop at the University of Texas. Other people involved include Richard garriott, Rich Vogel, Starr Long, Warren Spector, Carly Staehlin, Bryan Walker, Jay Lee, Tim Fields, Bill Randolph, and Rick Hall.

In other news, got about half a new CD done. Been writing as usual for both writing workshops, and am now trying to read Locus Online daily to keep up with the SF/F writing world.