Writing#1!! Sort of

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Feb 282006

Thanks to Boing Boing making the site melt down with popularity, creating a new #1 post of all time, I see that A Theory of Fun also climbed up the charts, hitting #1 in the abstruse category of
Books > Subjects > Computers & Internet > Games & Strategy Guides > Programming
. Woo hoo!

This does make it the #5 best selling game book, though, behind the strategy guides and atlases for Sims 2, EQ2, and WoW.

Game talkWhat is your ideal MMO?

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Feb 272006

The discussions on the lessons make me curious.

What is it you want? Not in terms of exhaustive mechanics, specific and highly detailed setting information, and so on, but the spirit of it.

(Not that I think you’re necessarily a representative bunch…!)

The Sunday PoemThe Sunday Poem: At Age 6

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Feb 262006

Sometimes he spent hours
Pulling the thin ribbons of wild chives
From the clasp of earth,
And holding them in front of his face.
Each green vein wandered its traced line
From bulb to tapered tip, until
He brushed the dirt off and bit
The stalk in half, leaving frayed ends
Brushing his lips with sting.

There he’d lay, under the lilac
Bushes that grew tortuous like shadow-figure fingers –
I don’t remember what he saw
In the wild chives hidden in the lilacs
But who can blame him if at that moment
The world was bounded by his body
And even the paths of light down spicy veins
Were open to his understanding.

He stayed for some hours more, hunting
Raspberries, but by then the damage was done.

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