After the Flood


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AFTER THE FLOOD was recorded at now-defunct Austin game company ORIGIN, in their now-gone THX studio. It was originally released on the now-defunct original site back in 1999, where “Maybe Free” was a top ten hit in the Folk-Rock category.

Recorded mostly live in the studio over the space of twenty-four hours, After the Flood is a wide-ranging set of acoustic songs anchored by fluid guitar playing and literate lyrics.

Originally released in 1999, it features Mat Mitchell (Puscifer, Katy Perry, and many more), Todd McKimmey, and Stretch Williams.

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After all that, what have listeners said about it?

“…awesome composition, a phenomenal song.” — irenkai on “After the Flood”

“…just gorgeous… Great performance, clean mix and good production… Awesome.” – starkell.

“Fantastic crossover style acoustic ax playing…Best damn acoustic material I’ve heard in a long time. Masterfully played, very well recorded and sung with unremitting soul. Great blues/jazz and rock crossover, This is heavy stuff.” – jeez

“This is some of the best folk rock I’ve heard in a long time. Fantastic guitar playing, fantastic sound. I loved all the songs…” – kalisto 9

“i like the taste of this i do… ” -lutsik

Fellow musicians have nice things to say too:

“Nice guitar work, both the picking and the slide… Very good stuff… voice really shines.” – Charlie Mosbrook

“As good a delivery of rock on acoustic as I’ve heard recently. Good stuff.” – Duane Tate

“A really good voice!… I almost lit a cigarette in the office – it was THAT cool!… exceptional talent.” – Ian Simpson of the Beaker People.

“A wicked folk guitarist.” – Daniel Fredriksson of Pettersson & Fredriksson