Some historical precedent

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Apr 282006

For the next time that your friendly local government starts using your hobby as a weapon in the culture wars… Wired catalogs past “threatening” media.

It’s interesting to me the way in which control of idea flow is truly a nonpartisan concept. If it’s not the right bashing evolution, it’s the left protecting the children. Both motives flow from similar places, of course, but I wonder when the “stay out of my head” political reaction really takes hold — if ever.

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New laptop: a tablet PC

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Apr 252006

So I settled on a new laptop, and I got the Toshiba M400 convertible Tablet PC. I’ve been wanting a Tablet PC ever since Mark Terrano and Mike Steele showed me theirs, since I frequently design and think while sketching. They both have Motion Computing’s slate models, but I wanted something with a better keyboard since I do a lot of typing on the road, and with an optical drive.

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