Game talkSome historical precedent

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Apr 282006

For the next time that your friendly local government starts using your hobby as a weapon in the culture wars… Wired catalogs past “threatening” media.

It’s interesting to me the way in which control of idea flow is truly a nonpartisan concept. If it’s not the right bashing evolution, it’s the left protecting the children. Both motives flow from similar places, of course, but I wonder when the “stay out of my head” political reaction really takes hold — if ever.

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MiscNew laptop: a tablet PC

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Apr 252006

So I settled on a new laptop, and I got the Toshiba M400 convertible Tablet PC. I’ve been wanting a Tablet PC ever since Mark Terrano and Mike Steele showed me theirs, since I frequently design and think while sketching. They both have Motion Computing’s slate models, but I wanted something with a better keyboard since I do a lot of typing on the road, and with an optical drive.

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The Sunday PoemThe Sunday Poem: So I Remember

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Apr 232006

It seems that mortality is around me everywhere these days. Relatives left and right are failing, and a few days ago, my sister-in-law’s mother passed away. I have many poems about death and dying, because I have had a lot of people die in my life — most specifically, a lot of peers. Over time, it happens to everyone, of course, but I had three or four deaths like this happen before graduating high school.

Over time, of course, our brains are cruel things: they blur details, they preserve memories of memories, and we lose people twice over: first the loss of the person themselves, and then the loss of the real memory. You could even count that third moment, that instant when the person’s death makes of them something other than what they were: a giant stumbling rock of grief or dismay or shock or horror or even fear, obscuring the person they really were behind our emotional reaction.

This is a poem about memory. Specifically, it is about remembering Ed Schroeder, who was a friend in college — not a close one, but a friend nonetheless. He was a theater geek, specializing in lighting, and he died electrocuted while working on his senior obligation play. Kristen and I were gone from college by then, and we got the typical phone call.

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WatchingHDMI, DVI, 360, 8300HD

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Apr 202006

Ever since the 360 arrived, I’ve had a problem: one too many devices outputting component signals. But now I have it working in such a way that I don’t have to switch cabling in the back, which is what I’ve been doing for the last month.

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