I have written hundreds of songs, and grouped them into a bunch of albums. However, only one of those is actually available for sale. I frequently post the music here on my site, so here’s a sampling for you.

You can also trawl through the Music archives on the blog — many of these pieces have chords and lyrics posted, and there are additional pieces of music lurking about there as well!

After the Flood is available for purchase or download from a variety of outlets.


Sugarloaf Mountain



From July to December

Unreleased acoustic fingerstyle guitar, 2012.
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Unreleased album, 2012
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i.e. In Other Words

Unreleased acoustic fingerstyle guitar, 2004.
Longitude CD_Frontcover


Unreleased album, 2002.
CD baby after the flood front cover

After the Flood

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The Land of Red Barns

Unreleased album, 1995.
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Myths From America

Unreleased album, 1993.
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Sun & Moon

Unreleased album, 1992.
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Fire From Heaven

Unreleased album, 1991.


Stuff not from a particular set of songs.