New Links section in Gaming

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Jun 301999

I’ve put up a whole new section under Gaming–it’s links to useful sites for online game designers. I haven’t done the nice little graphic for the contents bar yet, but I’ll do that once I get home. 🙂

In the meantime, enjoy browsing around to all the sites.

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Imaginary Realities Reprints

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Jun 271999

Just got word that Imaginary Realities (to my knowledge the only webzine covering muds in any serious manner) has reprinted a couple of items from this website. They also reprinted Marian Griffith’s essay on mud critique from the MUD-Dev list–definitely worth checking out.

On the music front, the CD is mixed but not mastered.

More news once it’s actually done! 🙂

CD being mixed

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Jun 171999

So we’re at the mixing phase on my CD, and I’ve gone ahead and put up a rough mix of one of the tunes. You can hear it under Music/What I Play, and read the lyrics there too. I also put chord forms for it (not full tablature, sorry, don’t have the time just now!) under Music/Guitar Stuff.

Let me know if you learn it, if you like it, if you think I should never be heard in public again, or whatever, on my Guestbook…

In other news, I am off for the next few days to Chris Crawford’s Interactive Storytelling conference at his home in Oregon. Should be a lot of fun, and a welcome break. I’ve got some thoughts I recently articulated on Usenet about the forms that “plot” takes in online games, complete with a 3d grid… I’ll have to post it once I get back.