Interviews and panels


From time to time, people have interviewed me for one reason or another. Sometimes these interviews actually have something of interest in them. So these are the interviews that were interesting, and I’ll leave the rest mercifully lost to history.


Ptah: God of the Mud

“God of the Mud” was done by Laura Mollett, aka Seph, and is a good introductory article about muds and mudding in general.


Mud Connector

The Mud Connector interview was done when Legend won Mud of the Month in 1995, and it is mostly about how Legend developed and got started.

CRPG Tavern

The CRPGTavern interview from August 1997 is the only UO-related interview thus far that doesn’t deal solely with UO-centric material. Since it is about general design of muds and online games, I’ve included it here with the interviewer’s permission.


MediaMOO Conference: Managing Deviant Behavior in Online Communities

Properly speaking, the MediaMOO conference is not an interview–it’s actuallya panel discussion that sort of turned into a roundtable discussion. The other invited participants were Scott Moore, formerly of WorldsAway, and Jennifer Glos, of the ThirdAge website community. January, 1999.

VaultNetwork Designer Dragon Interview: Community Building (April, 1999)

The VaultNetwork is one of the topnews websites relating to roleplaying games. They asked me to do an interview on the topic of community building online. It is reproduced here with theirpermission.


MediaMOO Conference: Using 3D Graphics in Online Communities: Opportunities and Challenges (March, 2000)

Once again, MediaMOO kindly invited me to participate in a roundtable discussion to celebrate their anniversary. Other participants this year included Lili Cheng, of Microsoft Research; Wendy Kellogg, from the IBM T. J. Watson Research Center; and Hannes Vilhjalmson, from the MIT Media Lab.


Myschyf’s Roundtable: Fiction in Massively Multiplayer Online Games (June, 2000)

The Rantings of Lum the Mad decided to do some talks with many online game designers gathered in one IRC chat room, and this is what came out.

VaultNetwork Raph Koster Interview (September, 2000)

The VaultNetwork was doing a series ofgeneral interviews with various online game designers, and I was one of them.Reproduced with their permission.


Joystick101 interview (November 26th, 2000)

Kurt Squire of did an interview with me on general MMORPG and mud design topics.


Myschyf’s Roundtable: Economic and Political Systems in MMORPGs (November 2nd, 2000)

As before, Myschyf over at The Rantingsof Lum the Mad decided to do a roundtable with a bunch of online game designers from abunch of different games. This is the result.

shiftcom’s Gaming the Matrix (June 13, 2001) did a four-part series onthe question of whether or not online game players would ever find themselves forgettingthere was a real world, as in the movie The Matrix. I was one of theinterviewees. Reprinted here by permission.


Rapping With Raph (November, 2001)

Computer Games Magazine, in theperson of Mark Asher, did a very lengthy interview as part of a major feature on onlinegaming. Reprinted here by permission.


What it Takes to be a Junior/Entry Game Designer

This was a little questionnaire that I did for the IGDA.


Building a Third Generation Persistent World

This panel is mostly lost, except for the somewhat famous “get over yourselves, the rest of the world is coming” quote — which is here along with a snippet of audio.


A Conversation with Raph Koster

This interview first appeared in Game Studies, Volume 5, Issue 1, October 2005, but was actually conducted during GDC 2004.


GameSpy LiveWire interview, E3 2004

I did this interview during the publicity work for Jump to Lightspeed, the spaceflight expansion for Star Wars Galaxies.


Making the AAA Title: Letters from the Trenches (March, 2005)

An interview by Dan Arey of Naughty Dog, as part of his GDC presentation.

Masaya Matsuura: HyperPS2 interview (November, 2005)

Masaya Matsuura, designer of Parappa the Rapper, did this brief interview with me for Hyper PS2 magazine in Japan.


The KGC Interview: Define the Future (November, 2005)

The 2005 Korea Games Conference sent every speaker a set of interview questions. Here are my replies.

O’Reilly Village Interview (November, 2005)

Masaya Matsuura did a second interview of me for The Japanese O’Reilly Village website.

The Metaverse Roadmap Interview (May, 2006)

This was recorded at Stanford Research Institute International in Menlo Park, California, in May 2006 at the Metaverse Roadmap Summit. Recorded by the Imagining the Internet Center, a non-profit, global-good initiative of Elon University, located in North Carolina, USA,


Stratics Areae Interview (December, 2006)

Stratics posted this interview on Christmas Day, 2006, right after Areae was announced..


Talk of the Nation

A national NPR radio interview.



The Guardian: Raph Koster Talks Areae

This was one of the first interviews about what eventually became Metaplace. January 19th, 2007.


Warcry Network: AGDC 07 Interview with Raph Koster

This interview is presented in article format, and was given at GDC Austin in 2007.


Metaverse U: A Conversation with Koster, Ondrejka, and Rheingold

Stanford held a conference called Metaverse U in 2008 about the future of virtual worlds, and this panel was one of the centerpieces.


MIT Futures of Entertainment: Fan Labor

MIT hosts a conference on the Futures of Entertainment. This was a panel on the role of fans and the work they produce.


Raph Koster: The Escapist Interview

This interview was conducted by Dana Massey in 2008 and is another one associated with the round of press for Metaplace.


SoCalTech interview

Another interview related to Metaplace and its funding.


The MMOGamer: A Meeting in Rancho Bernardo

This enormous interview and article was done for The MMOGamer, and it’s got a wealth of information on Metaplace.


Rock Paper Shotgun: Raph Koster on the MMO.

I did this interview in 2008 while working on Metaplace.


Metaplace e altre storie

This Metaplace-related interview from 2009 is here in both English and Italian.

The Metaverse Journal interview

Another Metaplace-related interview from early 2009.


Metaplace’s Raph Koster

This interview with Eurogamer took place in December of 2009, just as we were deciding to shut down the Metaplace service and switch over to social games. But I couldn’t talk about that yet!


The RPG Fanatic: Online Games – Raph Koster

Another broad interview covering a wide array of topics, this one is a video. 10/26/2011.


Inside Social Apps: Mergers and Acquisitions

At the Inside Social Apps conference in 2011, I took part in a panel. The description: “Some of the world’s largest media companies and game publishers have made major acquisitions of social game developers in the last 18 months. We’ve also seen consolidation in the space through several acquisitions of small-to-midsize developers. As we begin 2011, what do the shifting landscapes in the media and games industries mean for M&A activity, and potential acquisition targets, in the year ahead?”


OGDA interview

I met with the Omaha Game Developers Association in a Google Hangout for a couple of hours of interview-style questions. The whole thing was streamed live on YouTube and also captured afterwards, so here it is for those who have the patience.

generic Live Forum Q&A with Raph Koster

This was a live forum Q&A, sort of an “Ask Me Anything.” The discussion was quite wide-ranging. It took place on 10/16/2013.


MMOFringe Q&A

This was another live forum Q&A.


Indie Grassroots Marketing

I moderated this panel at GDCNext in 2014, featuring Zach Gage. Rami Ismail, and Adam Saltsman.


Entrevista con The Force Peru Fan Club

This was an interview mostly on Star Wars Galaxies and the Star Wars franchise, given to a fan club in Peru during my visit there in 2015.


Entrevista con TEC TV

This was an interview done in Spanish while I was in Peru during my visit there in 2015.


Aweita interview

Yet another video interview done in Spanish while I was in Peru.


Gamer Channel TV

Yes, another video interview done in Spanish while I was in Peru!

generic interview

In January, ArtCraft Entertainment, cofounded by J. Todd Coleman and Gordon Walton, announced that Koster was collaborating on Crowfall, which the company describes as “the unholy love child of Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, and EVE Online.” contributing writer Morgan Ramsay caught up with Koster to talk about his role on the ArtCraft team, Crowfall, and how they’re applying the lessons he has learned.


Getting2Alpha: The Nature of Gaming

This interview was done for Amy Jo Kim’s Getting2Alpha podcast.


Markee Dragon: Designing a Game on the Fly

This interview was done during AGC16, and is about game design and inspirations.

Gaming Legends with Dr. Cat

Dr Cat did a 13 hour marathon session of Twitch stream hangouts with fellow game developers, and I was one. Podcast on GDC17

I joined Justin Ma of FTL fame for a discussion moderated by Dan Pearson while at GDC 2017. The discussion ranged around the GDC experience, trends we saw, and a discussion of the state of indie development as a business.