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Dec 292006

I just dug into LibraryThing a little bit. I am sorely tempted to spend the $25 on a lifetime membership. I maxed out the free 200 book entries already by just tossing the first few hundred items in my Amazon “purchased” list at it. (Turns out that I have bought 1209 individual items from Amazon. I had never checked that number before. Hmm. Then again, I have been doing all my Xmas shopping on Amazon for years).

Anyway, here’s my profile, and my catalog is here, based on that very limited sample. Gee, I’m even tempted to buy the CueCat they sell so I can scan the books here. 😛

Furcadia is ten

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Dec 282006

Furcadia is ten years old this month. It still flies under the radar of most of the MMORPG community, in part because the hardcore gamers aren’t interested in yiffing, and in part because it’s like so many other of the niche MMOs: isometric, low-end graphics, and far deeper design than most want to give it credit for.

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Dec 272006

Susan Wu tagged me and I am supposed to come up with 5 things you don’t know about me. The problem is that with all the interviews and whatnot, all sorts of things have already been said. Usually, I can pull out stuff that folks don’t expect, like “I’m fluent in Spanish” or “I have a degree in poetry,” but nowadays, this stuff is stuff all you regular blog readers know.

So this is hard. Um.

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