Scary stats

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Dec 292006

Thanks to the Word Stats plugin, I now know that I have written 340,000 words on this blog over the years, 111 a day, an average of 400 words per post.

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  1. Ctrl+P. That’s one book in the bank.


  2. […] Neat little WordPress plugin called Word Stats, found via Raph Koster: […]

  3. I wish I had never seen this plugin. Now I will be a slave to the stats.

    I will have to look at them every day and spend hours formulating posts for the sole purpose of pumping them up.

  4. Let the stats gaming begin…

  5. Now I will be a slave to the stats.

    Welcome to the world of the UO/EVE/WOW/BF2142 player 🙁

  6. man thats alot of typing. I had a similar stats program on my old site.

    Lets just say I closed it when it hit 10,000,000+ words typed.

    Great work on SWG, to bad though HOLOCRON that SOE/LA ruined it… Cheer Mate and all the best wishes to you and your family.. Can’t wait till your next title comes out.

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