Game talkFirst sale

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May 302006

Lately, it seems like a lot of folks in the game industry are talking about ways to get rid of used game sales. There was the rumor about Sony not permitting used games with PS3, which was denied. There’s been plenty of talk about how used game sales and rentals are damaging the game industry among game devs. Even academics are talking about how to reduce resales. Witness this question posed to the rant panel at GDC in 2005:
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MiscSearch box update

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May 292006

Minor thing, but I switched the search box here on the site from a blog-only search box to one of the Google ones, so that you can search the entire site, blog posts included. I keep seeing search results that are looking for things that are actually on pages in the Gaming section.

You’ll have to set the radio button to search this site only if you want to confine your search to here, but in my tests it’s picked up everything in the blog as well as elsewhere on the site.

MiscMemorial flags

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May 272006

Flags in place on Memorial Day

Every year, an army of Boy and Girl Scouts descend upon the nation’s military cemeteries and plant one flag in front of every headstone. This morning, my kids did this at Cabrillo National Monument on Point Loma here in San Diego. There are 85,000 flags to place, and there are enough kids that it takes about an hour to do all the gravesites.

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MiscReader map

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May 262006

It’s been ages, so it’s time for all you new readers to go add yourselves to the map.