Mar 312015

The GDC Vault has posted up one hundred and forty free videos from GDC 2015. Holy Cow, almost as good as being there. 🙂

Among them is the talk that Rich Vogel, Gordon Walton and I presented on “Community Management in the Culture Wars.” I’ve embedded it below, and I’ve also added it to the already existing page for the presentation, which also has the slides.

  5 Responses to “Video of “Community Management in the Culture Wars””

  1. Just got to this one. Oh my god, the chemistry among you, Rich, and Gordon brought back memories. And the roles…you noting the horror humans can inflict on each other, Rich with that world weary sad look and air of resignation to it all, and Gordon full of amusement at the very things that sadden you.

    I see it differently, of course, but I restrict myself to online game communities which I see as factionalized due to the games and their design more than any larger forces of tribal segregation for business and political reasons.

    And, yes, it is very different in Europe. Living in Germany this past year and a half has been enlightening in ways I could not have anticipated. It is a crime, for example, to shout at someone in the street or to flip someone off. There is this overwhelming imperative to be civil, likely the product of the signature disasters of the past century being played out on European soil.

    Thank you, Raph.

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