Upcoming AMA on MMORPG.com

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Oct 032013

This is an early heads-up that I will be doing an Ask-Me-Anything over at MMORPG.com on the 16th at 7PM Eastern / 4pm Pacific. What about? Honestly, just about whatever people want. I can’t break NDA’s, of course, but I expect there will be hefty doses of nostalgia, a lot of discussion of worldy MMOs given the audience, and who knows, maybe I will talk a little about the games I’ve been working on lately.

I’ll post again to remind everyone once we’re closer, of course. 🙂

This should be fun; I haven’t been out there talking with players very much lately, and I miss it.

  11 Responses to “Upcoming AMA on MMORPG.com”

  1. Don’t forget to tell us what’s your opinion about the new RG game… I miss UO so much 🙁

  2. You should show up and ask! 🙂

  3. I’m looking forward to it. I’ve been waiting for years for a good “worldly sandbox”. But I don’t think the majority “get it”. Neither developers nor players. In particular, too many think a game has to remove the “fun” to be a worldly game, and can’t see the interesting aspects it brings as, well, interesting and entertaining.

  4. Just wondering Raph, what games/companies are you under NDA with? Are you still under something with UO, for example?

  5. All of them. That is how NDA’s work.

  6. Interesting, will work on being there to see the array of questions being thrown your way. Glad too see ya jumpin back into the pit with the players on all fronts. 🙂

  7. Damn, unfortunate timing. I just got my latest 120 day ban from mmorpg.com. I pointed out that a certain person(no names so as to avoid unnecessary drama) constantly trolls any thread on sandboxes posting about how they suck because WoW. And calling someone a troll is “insulting other posters.” We’ll at least I can still read the AMA even if I can’t ask any questions.

  8. @ Raph, for ever and ever? That’s not how NDA’s always have to work, so the reason for my question. But never mind.

  9. There’s stuff that is forever, and stuff that obsolesces.

  10. Since I’m only about 15 days into my 120 day ban on MMORPG.com I figured I’d comment on your AMA here. You mentioned having a chemistry simulation for an world simulation and I think that’s fabulous. I actually had one in my MMO design that I used to post about at MMORPG.com. Part of my belief that a really complex economy would be way more interesting that a typical sink/faucet system with randomized loot drops that plagues all current MMOs. Using chemistry to actually mix poisons, electroplating, making medicines, and of course all the extra complexity from tying it in with magic somehow. If you ever make another MMO, focusing around that would be the most revolutionary thing to do.

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