Sep 202013

Yup, it’s up on Amazon for pre-order!

For those who don’t know, here’s what is different:

  • Full color throughout.
  • Revisions on virtually every page.
  • Revised punchlines for a lot of the cartoons.
  • Substantial revisions to the chapter on cognitive styles.
  • Expansion of the sections on non-fun reasons to play games.
  • Some additional discussion of narrative.
  • All the science brought up to date.
  • A huge amount of new endnotes, including expanding on many of the existing ones.
  • A new afterword.
  • A new vertical layout so it fits on your shelf better!

Looks like they currently have it set to come out on November 22nd. The book is still in layout as we try to get everything to fit perfectly, and we have to fill in my current bio. But all in all, it looks awfully close!

Pre-order Theory of Fun 2nd Edition here.


  9 Responses to “Pre-order Theory of Fun 10th Anniversary Revised Edition!”

  1. I’ll buy that as soon as I see it in amazon Spain. I readed the first one when I was a student and was really inspiring.

  2. Preordered mine… And got an email from Amazon indicating that its being prepared for shipment. Double checked the order and it is the preorder, still indicates end of November.

    Is anyone else seeing this?

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