Mar 092012

Here’s the PDF: Koster_Raph_GDC2012.pdf

Here’s the PPTX, which includes the speaker notes, which this time are extensive: Koster_Raph_GDC2012.pptx

And the closest I can get to the speech itself is this page here, which has an image of each slide, followed by the notes… so you can just read it like an article.

I imagine video will be up on the GDCVault eventually…


  5 Responses to “GDC2012: Slides for Good, Bad, Great Design”

  1. If you haven’t read the original post, scroll down, read it and think about it before rereading it with the speaker’s notes. It’s game design as poetry, and it rewards contemplation without hand-holding.

    Then come back and read the full presentation.

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