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Dec 292013

The gradual conversion of the old site into the new format continues. Old links out there still point to old pages, since I haven’t put any redirects in. But the new pages are appearing, and if you are mostly hitting the front page of the site, the menu choices will start pointing to the new pages rather than the old. Don’t worry, I won’t switch over the top pages until all the lower pages are in place!

Today, it was the long-neglected Art section that got an overhaul. I rarely do art anymore… heck, I rarely doodle anymore. Most of my art efforts go towards game making, actually. But one upon a time, I could draw, and if you want the evidence, well, there it is. I rescanned all the stuff I could find and it looks better than it ever has on the site before, and there’s a bunch of pieces that I haven’t shared before there too. The little gallery here isn’t all of it, just a smattering.

I have yet more but they are mostly too large to fit in my scanner. I’ll have to see what I can do about those…

In the meantime, if you happen to see anything out of whack in the Art section, let me know in the comments here! I am sure there are bad links, layout issues, and the like.

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