Mailbag: High Seas

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Dec 212012


You probably don’t remember me, but I played Metaplace a while back. We talked a lot about your ship game and you shared a link with me of the music you made. I cannot find that conversation!! Nor can I find the music on your site (unless I forgot what it was called). It was epic and I want to listen to it again.

Also, I know that Metaplace is no more but is the High Seas game out there anywhere to play for fun? If not, you should host it on your web server. It would be epic to play it again 🙁

– Crystal

I am tickled that anyone remembers either the game or the music! Especially given that we are coming up on the third anniversary of the closing of… hard to believe it has been that long.

The music is called “The Knyghte’s Daliaunce,” as it was not originally meant as a pirate tune at all. I posted it up on the blog (with a chord chart) ages ago. It is also on the general Music page along with links to my album (it’s not on the album though). I really should record a new version of it sometime. Anyway, here you go:

download link

The game is not available anywhere anymore, sorry! Yet another one of the dozens of games I have made that nobody can play. 🙂

That said, there really was not much to it. Some simple boat movement code, firing sideways, and picking up on sailors when ships sank. It didn’t even keep track of score. For those who do not remember the game, it’s best captured in this YouTube video done by LunarRaid.


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  1. Ah, memories. If you feel like it, send me those assets and the lua code (to get the movement right), and I could probably put up a simple flash version of it, since I am doing onegameamonth anyway.

  2. I can’t share code, alas. It used the vanilla physics system, though.

    But the ships were actually from some freeware sprite collection on the web. So probably findable.

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