Nov 302012

How Games Think title slideI have finally gotten around to posting up the slides and the notes for my talk delivered in Shanghai just before Thanksgiving.

The notes are actually pretty representative of the actual speech as delivered — we had real-time translation going on, so I kept the pace very deliberate and avoided my usual rattle-stuff-off-a-mile-a-minute sort of delivery. If you go to this link you can see the slides as individual images with the notes interspersed.

If that isn’t to your taste, and you want just the slides, you can find a PDF of the slides here instead.

Afterwards, one of the Chinese attendees came up to me and told me it had been “a faith-building talk.” I can only presume that the folks working in the industry in China have the same crises of faith that we do here in the West. 🙂

There was some coverage in Chinese, I am sure, given that there were reporters there from a few sites. But the only article I’ve found from China is this one. However, Gamasutra was there, and wrote up an article.

While I was at it, I also updated the sadly neglected Presentations page in the Gaming section of the site. How many of you even know that there are a pile of pages reachable from the little links under the blog’s title? Anyway, I added all the missing presentations from the last two years. They were all mentioned here on the blog, of course, but now they are gathered there with their brethren. Just scroll to the bottom. A few of them have full video embedded.

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