Feb 282011

As promised in the talk itself, here are the slides for the talk I just gave on “Social Mechanics for Social Games” — an updated version of the talk I gave back at GDC Austin.

Social Mechanics for Social Games (PDF)


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  1. Raph, do you have a “diff” of this presentation and the last version? I’m curious what’s changed – specifically what you’ve rethought since the last presentation.

  2. RE: “One of the great mysteries of social gaming: where are the silent auctions?”

    They are there – just not in the games you’ve checked out. The millions of people who play the hugely popular social browser military sims (aka PBBs – Persistent Browser-Based games) like Grepolis, KingsAge, Ikarium, Tribal Wars and Lord of Ultima, use the silent auctions as needed (daily for some). (I can’t remember if Evony/Evony clones have them, or the ones that have been adapted to Facebook.) Also, Vikings of Thule, a Facebook game – the auction there is the most fun part of the game (to me).

    RE: Impact of Scale – Where are the Tribes and Chiefdoms?

    See paragraph above.

  3. Thanks for this, Ralph. Very informative. Any chance video of the talk will be posted anywhere?

  4. Jack,

    I wasn’t really thinking in terms of the PBBs for this talk, more focusing on social network games. I am very aware that PBBs have lots of these features as do MMos and other genres too… But social games per se have not picked up on a lot of them yet.


    Video will be posted on the GDCVault eventually…

  5. […] Raph Koster’s “Social Mechanics” talk.  To see his presentation go to his blog: https://www.raphkoster.com/2011/02/28/gdc11-slides-for-social-mechanics-talk/.  Raph is a really smart guy, I wish his presentation had more direct meat from his experiences in […]

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