3d in Silverlight 5

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Jan 162011

Ezra, a commenter on the 3d in browsers post pointed this out — looks like 3d is coming on quick in Silverlight too.

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  2. saw this demo last week online as well.. nice. but I wish they also showed a demo that suggested the ability to be MU and have many elements all moving around in RT. Static RT3D is nice but 15 years old and pretty much finds its ROI a draw/lose with any 2d or video based presentation of imagery that most offer online.

    Anyone seen a racing game or iso 3d “crowd” management/group kill game demo yet?

  3. @c3

    I’ve heard the 3D API described as pretty close to XNA. Which probably means there’s a basic update and draw loop. Scott Guthrie did an interview explaining it a bit: http://files.sparklingclient.com/112_2010.12.10_Scott_Guthrie_Silverlight_5.mp3

    He mentions developers would be writing shaders directly, so in terms of graphics the only limitations should be DirectX’s limitations. We’ll probably be including HLSL files in our Silverlight projects the same way we do in XNA.

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