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Mar 142010

While at GDC I did an interview with Gary Gannon of GameBreakr, and it’s now up on the site as two video clips. They were posted up with, and I can’t figure out how to embed them here… topics discussed include why core gamers should be excited about social games, where do AAA MMOs sit, and trends at GDC like 3d displays. But the link lets you watch them both back to back — it’s about 20 minutes worth of me blathering on.

Edit: here’s the vids!

Watch live video from Game Breakr on

Watch live video from Game Breakr on

  5 Responses to “GameBreakr interview”

  1. Hey Raph,

    It’s always a pleasure interviewing you…thanks again.

    You can grab the embed codes here.

  2. I watched (well, listened) to the whole thing. Good!

    And glad you commented Gary and hope you see this: please post ’em on YouTube (or any other service really) – I guess is set up for pure streaming and doesn’t even buffer a millisecond … and wow does that even make it frustrating with drops every 4-5 seconds. It’s like RealPlayer in 1998 or something.

  3. Good interview. Not sure I’m totally on board with the insight handed out. Sure GDC was all about Zynga and the iPhone but when you think about it, there’s always a New Hot Thing ™ at each GDC yet all these disruptive technologies ever accomplish is being added to the collective that is the game industry. My take on the whole issue; I believe that the industry is forgetting the core gamer and leaving quite a bit of money on the table in the process. All so that they can chase the unproven customer that is the “mass market”. Both markets are viable and right now, the core gamers have a right to be angry.

  4. Extremely interesting interviews. I am so intrigued by this idea of different connecting points with singular gaming experiences (computer, phone, tv, etc.). No doubt this is what we’re seeing with something like Steam allowing the singular purchase of a game to be played on the two different platforms (Mac/PC). It’s a baby step in this direction (hardly even one), but it is an example of it. Also, XBOX live coming to the Windows 7 mobile. All so very interesting.

  5. Casual/Social gaming is an older, larger, and much more mature market than AAA titles, especially if you look at poker, gambling, rotisserie baseball and other fantasy sports, bridge and other card games, backgammon, bingo, lotteries, and even traditional board and RPGs etc.

    We are just beginning to look at this wider world of gaming in a systematic way.

    The question is not leaving money on the table with AAA titles, but monetizing and expanding these other markets.

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