A few more random numbers

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Jan 282010
  • Number of people who have ever registered for Twitter: 75m (but only 17%, or a bit less than 13m, sent a tweet in December) [1]
  • Number of Wii consoles that have ever been sold: 67m [2]
  • Number of iPhones sold to date: over 30m [3]
  • Number of active Farmville users this month: 74,806,786 [4]
  • Number of tickets sold to see Avatar: 76,421,400 [5]
  • Number of tickets sold to see Gone With the Wind: 202,044,600 [5]

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  2. Did everyone on earth in 1940 see Gone with the Wind?

  3. No but none of them had Netflix, Xbox Live, iPods, DVRs, Hulu.com and every other form of entertainment. The movies were it so the numbers are no surprise to me.

  4. Gone with the Wind has had multiple theater releases over the years too.

  5. Farmville numbers got *that* high? Good god. That’s ~21% of active Facebook users, isn’t it? O_o

  6. Fun numbers!

    A few entertainment stat grognard clarifications, tho…

    Several of these numbers equate sales/registrations to people. Remember, movie tickets are not people — many more people went to see Gone With the Wind at $.50 a ticket multiple times, I bet, than people went to see Avatar at $12 a ticket multiple times — but in both cases, tickets > people. Likewise on Twitter — I manage five twitter accounts, of which two tweeted in December, and the others are announce-only business accounts.

    Stylistically, I have to admit, it makes a better impact as a list without these qualifications.

  7. oops, sorry, 1939 average movie ticket price was $0.23 — that must have been the year it jumped from $0.20 to $0.25 for a ticket? Damned movie ticket inflation…:)

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  9. Don’t dis the GWTW. I’ll bet a lot of those tickets were sold for more than a quarter. I remember it coming around to theaters in the 60’s. I remember it showing up at second-run theaters in the 70’s (If you’re too young, these were small theaters that showed old movies for a reduced price. VCR’s pretty much killed them off.)

    It’s still an immensely popular film, and one of Victor Flemings two triumphs from that year, the other being the Wizard of Oz, which I personally like much better. It’s entirely possible that “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn!” is the most quoted movie line ever. Still, after all these years. I know it was legendary to my parents and their generation.

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