Buy games for Haiti

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Jan 212010 is doing a clever charity drive for Doctors Without Borders and Haiti — give a $20 donation, and they will give a coupon for $1481.31 worth of digitally downloaded RPGs and materials. You can also give $5 or $10, and they will match the donation

Donate $20 and get a coupon for over a thousand dollars in RPG titles. After you make the donation, you will receive the coupon code in your email. It will also be available in your order history.

via Gamers Helping Haiti $20 Donation with Coupon – OneBookShelf, Inc. |

They are apparently already overwhelmed with the response, so are asking people to wait a few days to grab their downloads.

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  3. This is a great idea, but did anyone recognize even a single game on the list from that bundle?

  4. There appears to be a fair does of D20 material, which slots neatly into a variety of games. *shrug*

  5. I stopped browsing after the second page, heh. I haven’t even downloaded the stuff yet.

  6. I’ve been looking at Chronica Feudalis and Beast Hunters for a while. There were a few other non D20 games that I was familiar with too. 3:16 has received rave reviews but isn’t really my cup of tea. There appear to be a many dogs as well. But at $20 it’s a steal and hey, helping people in need!

  7. Cortex is excellent (though I know the designer so have to say it).
    Serenity is good too.

    There is a good bit of good savage stuff.

    And their is a lot of good general reference material which will work anywhere.

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