Games for Health conference

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Apr 232009

It’s coming up!

5th Annual Games for Health Conference in Boston on June 11-12 with Pre-Conference on June 10.

Over 60 sessions on many many topics.

People who enter beb09 @ registration get a 15% discount

Also direct registration at:

Content summaries so far at:

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  1. i was a little annoyed that one of the guys running the Games For Health conference did a series of three round tables at GDC this year on emerging markets. i only hit the third session, but apparently in each one, the moderator asked “So what *are* emerging markets?” And that was it. That was the whole “discussion”. He got a bunch of responses, collected them, and said “Have a nice day! See you at the Games for Health conference in Boston.”

    He treated the roundtables like his own little research farm. All take and no give. Daddy not happy.

  2. […] are two more examples of game design techniques in two of the least frivolous areas imaginable – health and wealth. Both from Raph Koster’s great blog (which is essential reading for people creating […]

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