Another game mag bites the dust

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Jan 072009

This time it’s EGM. 1up is also severely affected. The news is all over a bunch of gaming sites — here’s Gamasutra’s coverage.

We’re going to keep seeing this sort of thing happening. Print media is in a terrible place right now.

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  1. I’m 21, and I initially subscribed to EGM around issue 80. It was my primary source of information on console gaming through childhood and teen years, and even when the Internet started having information, something always attracted me to EGM more. I really enjoyed the 100th issue with the greatest games of all time.

    A few months ago my subscription ran out, and I didn’t resubscribe. Mostly because I haven’t played any console games in the last 5 years and EGM’s quality has been increasingly dubious as the years have gone by, but also because it seemed likely that this day was coming.

    Oh well, RIP EGM. I might go pick up that January 09 issue just to have it in the collection of hundreds of issues in my closet.

  2. i’m a long-time EGM subscriber, and i say good riddance. i’m counting the days until we finally get rid of horrendously wasteful newspapers as well.

  3. @Ryan Henson Creighton

    Along with just about every other physical form of media.

  4. They should have just mortgaged their building like the NYT, print media’s not dead, it just needs more creative financing. Who needs “revenues” when you can get cold hard credit. Or can you?

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