WordPress Exploit Scanner plugin

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Jun 292008

For those who recall the whole “blog gets hacked” odyssey, and my subsequent request for a plugin that would do security scans, check this out:

WordPress Exploit Scanner 0.1

This WordPress plugin searches the files on your site for a few known strings sometimes used by hackers, and lists them with code fragments taken from the files. It also makes a few checks of the database, looking at the active_plugins blog option, the comments table, and the posts table.

  2 Responses to “WordPress Exploit Scanner plugin”

  1. awesome I’ve been looking for something like this!

  2. […] whether everything works more or less like before.I found that the Exploit Scanner plugin, which I have mentioned on the blog here before, was a huge culprit in adding cruft to the wp_options table. I suspect that a few scans simply […]

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