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Mar 032008

Tomorrow Space, using Ogoglio tech, has launched, with an interesting and unique model: a browser-embedded 3d chat space running in Java, and you rent it by the day.

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  1. único que me perturbo un poco fue el video de presentación que muestran en su sitio … parece que trataran de conquistar el mundo. Links: Tomorrow Space Tour , Ogoglio Platform Víael sitio de raph

  2. I believe that these two features are characteristic of how we approach development. They’re simple to use, accessible to anyone, and they’re both based on customer feedback. Keep those comments and emails coming, folks! Raph’s Website :Tomorrow Space

  3. Unfortunately, you do not have Java3D installed. … You must restart your browser after installation.

    Ixnay on the Javay.

  4. Tell me Raph,
    How do you find these things?

    Oh by the way, I -finally- got the money together to attend IMGDC!!!! I’m so excited! I’ll be representing and

    See you there!

    (There are talks I wanna be at that happen at the same time on the schedule! Too bad I can’t be at 3 places at once… You should google that next “How to bend reality to your will”.)

  5. Hmmm, looks like they want to charge both for the room AND for the avatar.

  6. I saw a guy demoing something like this with Ogoglio more than a year ago. I failed to see how it could be compelling, if all you can do in terms of “user content” is throw a video stream or picture up on the wall but not build or animate or script anything as you can in SL. It definitely pales.

    The model of having people pay by the day is likely conceived to meet the needs of so many casual or infrequent users of virtual worlds. Why keep a $295 a month island in SL running with an initial $1695 outlay when you could just pay the small fees for these “rooms” and not have lag. But it feels like renting a deck chair on Brighton Beach versus going to Club Med. And you don’t have to spend the $1695/$295 you could spend $50/$25 and get a much more manipulatable and interesting space in SL.

    But it’s always good that one more VW type of thing appears, I suppose a thousand of them must bloom for a few hardy perennials to emerge.

  7. (note: I’m one of the creators of Tomorrow Space and Ogoglio)

    Prokofy: As you wrote, there’s room for lots of flowers to bloom in this space. Tomorrow Space is a tool built specifically for people who want to add online events to their existing online community. So, if someone has a large audience for a blog (as you do) then she can easily reserve an event hall for a night, customize it, and then bring everyone together to hang out and chat using audio or text.

    Tomorrow Space isn’t a “world as canvas” like or Second Life, but a tool for a specific purpose.

  8. It’s rental space based on providing a service others don’t want to provide for themselves or lease. That’s not a bad idea. Hotels make good money doing it.

    The question is one of scarcity as far as market value goes. After that, QOS numbers for the package. The basis in Java3D is a middling choice. Some people don’t like the downloads or installs for a single event. Where there is no objection to that, why shouldn’t this work?

  9. More importantly some businesses have huge regulatory hurdles and having highly controlled but simple spaces is valuable to overcome the lawyers.

    This would work well if it could be embedded on a private label web page and default to an info display environment when not in use by live people.

  10. Yes, that is part of the QOS numbers (Quality of Service). It’s pretty clear that some VWs are not/should not be open worlds per se. They are highly secure and have guarantees about logging, surveillance, privacy, protection of submitted assets, etc. This is the same as a physical conference except it doesn’t have to be in a hotel or in a downtown where the attendees shouldn’t wander at night, yet serendipitous encounters, private rooms for private negotiations, all possible.

    And of course Trevor can host weddings. 😉

  11. […] once again finds time out from his startup presidency to find interesting things in MMO-space.This time it’s Tommorrow Space, a VW offering Second-Life-esque virtual meeting spaces […]

  12. Screenshots are available here.

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