GDC2008: yet more

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Feb 252008

That Luminaries Transcript is, well, a transcript of the Luminaries Lunch I referenced previously. There’s a few misattributions I spotted here and there — I am guessing that Dave and I sound similar on tape (?) but it seems like most all of it is there. Edit: another one is up at GameDaily. Edit edit: part 2 of GameDaily’s transcript is up. And now part 3.

There’s also a liveblog of the Metaplace “antemortem” up at Watercooler Games. I think folks expected less of a postmortem talk with less technical details and more of a show-off sort of thing, but hey, a postmortem is what we said we’d do. šŸ™‚

An interesting overview of the vibe of the show can be found at Videogaming247.

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  1. GDC2008: yet morePosted on February 25, 2008 by Raph

  2. doesn’t really shine for me just yet. Details on both after the break. Continue reading GDC08: Raph Koster’s ‘Reinventing MMOs, a Metaplace ‘antemortem” Permalink | Email this | Linking Blogs | Comments Raph’s Website :GDC2008: yet more

  3. Sorry it wasn’t more detailed… I started running out of juice. There’s some missing stuff toward the end.

  4. antevitam? šŸ˜›

  5. Oh, it lives, IT LIVES!

  6. […] game for the DS. I fell in love. So instead of listening to Raph Koster’s speech about Meta Place (again trusting in Koster’s own documentation to be available later) i just played and played and asked and asked.The AI Dinner in the evening was very enjoyable. I […]

  7. Pleasepleasepleaseplease tell me that you are going to deflate the extraordinary pompous and I *hope* not dangerous (i.e. not going to spread) concept which Jane McGonigal is flogging at GDC, to the effect that game makers are the best crafters of human experience and now should be given a free hand to fix broken reality:

    My response:

  8. Parts 2 and 3 are posted on gameDaily now, see edits to the article above.

  9. Would you post your slides on “Metaplace antemortem”? I know, but your slides would be enrich our understanding on your session.

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