Dec 232007

Today felt kinda tense, because I spent the day arguing about Real Money Trade and in-game economics. Bleargh.

Plus, I have a horrendous cold.

So out came this. Which maybe I can record when I actually have a voice again.

Let Us Just Be
Some lazy days after a disagreement
We can sit in our chairs and quietly read
But now there’s holidays, and the lights, and the errands
The meals to be made, and the way nothing is free

It seems so hard to just be, hard to just listen
Stretch out your self and let it fill a room
It’s hard to just listen
Stretch out your self and let it fill a room

So now here we are amid the chattering carols
What will there be in that box under the Christmas tree?
There’s no snow around here, no wet socks and hot cocoa
The sharp smell that reminds us we must be together or freeze
There’s no icy puddles to slip, no icicles like daggers
We need the weather to tell us what to believe


The words make a wall, they want to be misunderstood
We can try to cut through them, but they fill the air
So let me give you a gift after this disagreement
Let’s sit in our chairs and quietly read
We can have a space between the chattering carols
We can have our lazy day beside the Christmas tree

It seems so hard to just be, hard to just listen
Stretch out your self and let it fill a room
Let us just be, let us just listen
Stretch out your silence, and fill the room

  8 Responses to “The Sunday Poem: Let Us Just Be”

  1. I’m sorry to hear you got tense during this debate. I wish people would lighten up, particularly about this. They choose to co-exist with all of the issues of these worlds.

  2. *hands over a warm cup of cocoa* Sorry, if my argument caused tension. That could make your cold worse, you know? Pick up the guitar and relax! 🙂

    (Darniaq, I kept thinking about chinese culture and games this morning and my apology shows the difference. The chinese probably feel more responsible for maintaining cheerful mood around the game table and remove the tension that the game may cause between their friends and guests. Neutralize potential insults. Games are supposed to be about fun and skill. I think westernes take more pleasure in causing other players real-life pain, and don’t mind showing it. If other people are bad sports, then it is their own problem…)

  3. Ola, Chinese players seem to have the same problems we do. To quote an old war vet I once knew, “people are the same wherever you go”.

    Cheer up Raph, and others, arguments are the way we take our stances, and make our points. Sure, there’s emotions and all, nothing new there. 🙂

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone.

  4. Amaranthar, no they are not. They are roughly the same, but the differences have dire consequences in terms of communication and social behaviour. I guess I’ve failed to show what I mean… Hm.

  5. *lights a candle and sways*

  6. I’ve lost my voice to a cold as well. I’ve spent the lost few days pondering the gift of my own silence.

    Feel better…

  7. Merry Christmas!

  8. […] before Christmas, I posted the lyrics to something called “Let Us Just Be.” Well, here’s some noodling around the music for it — you should be able to […]

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