Dec 212007

Hand Bell Hero.

  6 Responses to “If you can tear yourself away from Rock Band…”

  1. There’s no way anyone’s gonna 5 star Frosty, the songs a beast! Just… no way!

    I liked how, if your timing is off, it’ll play the note anyway and the music ends up sounding terrible. Just like when you use real handbells! And, for the record, I understand that mastering Handbell Hero does not make a good handbell player, so save your speeches.

  2. So that’s what it’s like to play a modern rhythm game.
    I haven’t played one since PaRappa the Rapper.

  3. Man it way harder on the keyboard.

  4. My new column: The Holly and the Ivy…

    It’s not an attempt to write a complete history by any means, but I mention a few kinds of such games, although mostly I wonder why our medium doesn’t follow packaged goods, film and others in taking advantage of the season.

    … The article is mo…

  5. Don’t give Harmonix any ideas, I have enough peripherals.

  6. It needed to support rebinding of the keys, I can’t play with ASDF, need to be able to put 2 keys on each hand.

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