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Steve Crews from MMOGamer came down to the office a week or so ago with questions, and I think I stunned him with the verbosity of my answers. 🙂 He has both transcript and audio of the hour’s worth of conversation.

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  1. for a graduate workshop I’ll be teaching at UCSD. I’ve had conversations with a number of PhD and MFA students who are excited by the potential — and I’m looking forward to it myself. Recently,on Raph’s website,I came upon a link to a large (three part) interview about Metaplace on MMO Gamer. It’s wide-ranging and generous, delving into the history from which the project grows, its future goals, and its current state. If you

  2. That interview right there nailed down a lot of questions that I have about MP. Thanks!

  3. Raph, you mention in the interview that editing is done live. Will there be a sandbox (or “test server”) feature available for the worlds so that changes can be tested before going “live”?

  4. If someone from one of the case-oriented biz schools ever approaches you about writing up a case on Areae & Metaplace please agree; lots of tasty stuff for the MBAs there.

  5. Probably the interview with the most “technical” info in it. Nice reading.

  6. Raph, you’re making us all drool over this. I’m especially drooling as I see it as a simple game subsystem prototype engine – you write a test behavior, stick it on a virtual world, and iterate.

  7. My kid’s been bugging me for months now to get a “dedi” server, so this stuff is great. His server crashed a few weeks ago due to RAM going bad and I have to deal with the pressure of “thousands” of pre-teens going “WTF, L2Operate, nubz”. Not to mention ~35 concurrents per CPU being a not-so-soft cap to “lag omg!” And it raises my ping by a lot, which is unacceptable for my shotgun and crobar playstyle. In other words, I’m sick of hosting this crap, but I’m not gonna pay $200/month for it. Or anything per month, for that matter. Let them watch ads, I say.

    MetaMarkup could be like the leetspeak of programming. I would pontificate on grammar (see XML.org) versus language, code profiling and Steve McConnel’s theory on performance optimizations, but I’m sure those discussions have been had.

    I was curious though about faucets and exchange rates. Not that that matters for the ripoff of the ripoff of the ripoff of UO that all the kids love to play, but I might be able to coax mine to do some original work.

    How feasible would this be to hook up to XNA? Or Civ? Or… the CryEngine (my fav being an art snob, er, connoisseur). You guys gonna do some DS stuff, Raph?

  8. I really am excited about MP but I find my defense mechanism conditioned by MMOs kicking in, telling me to calm down and such. If only I’d gotten an alpha!

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  10. Now that was a good read–well, listen thanks to the handy audio options. It certainly answered quite a lot of questions that popped up into my mind and just served to intrigue me further with the project.

  11. […] on Raph’s website, I came upon a link to a large (three part) interview about Metaplace on MMO Gamer. It’s […]

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