How to pronounce HiPiHi

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Aug 272007

So Wagner James Au and GigaOM say it’s it’s “high-pee-high”.

But… QBlog was at State of Play, and asked:

Zafka’s reply was, “Oh, some people say hypie-high, some people say hippy-high, some say high-pie-high… Say it how you like.”.

Hmm, seems like I’ve said this about Areae, too. 😉

  4 Responses to “How to pronounce HiPiHi”

  1. I always thought it was Array-awwww.

    When I first saw HiPiHi I thought it said HiPhiHi, so I pronounce it High Five Guy!

  2. I’ve been saying “Area-E” and “High-Pie-High”.

    I struggle with accents. My own alternates from slurred and slovenly to over-enunciated. Meanwhile my mother-in-law has a heavy Newfie accent and says things far, far differently than I would ever… but even Nick pronounces my name with difficulty. In a day I speak with people from every corner of the U.S. too, which brings another barrage of dynamic phonemes.

    How I wish they didn’t make us read Shaw in high school. There’s too much Henry Higgins in me now! I really have to purge the idea that there’s a “correct way” to pronounce things.

  3. Wait, it’s not “Area A”, as in “Project A”?

    FWIW, Zhang and Xu pronounce it high-pee-high. Though if they get their wish, nationals from everywhere will pronounce it in variously creative ways.

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