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May 252007

As we all know, Bruce Woodcock’s MMOGChart site has been dormant for a while now. Looks like is trying to fill the void. There’s no data there yet, but they’re asking for it to be submitted.

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  1. is the new MMO user demographics site on the block, seeking to take over where MMOGChart has left off. Perhaps they would have been better off launching with actual… ‘data’ though. (via Raph) Downloadable content for the XBox 360 gets some mainstream coverage as Reuters takes a look at the trend, including the recent, public spate between Epic and Microsoft on Gears of War add-on pricing. (via

  2. Xfire has been doing this for a while, haven’t they?

    it only works with PC games, though, and only for the games they support…

  3. Those counts from XFire are hours played. Worse, they are hours played by those actually using XFire at the time. So those figures are flawed from the get go.

    MMOGchart and now, MMOGdata, attempt to track actual populations (ie subscriptions) to those games.

  4. With no listing of Runescape, I’m highly doubting XFire’s reliability.

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