The Laws in Russian

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Mar 122007

Check it out — The Laws of Online World Design in Russian!

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  1. Looking pretty good!

    I wince a little bit when I see online Russian these days, akh, not the language of the tsars, with stuff like “onlainovye” taken right from the English word “online” instead of using some other Russian-based term (setovye?). Just one of those modern things, I guess.

    But “Креативный директор” — literally “creative director” ouch, well, that’s not necessary. A few lines down, the guy uses the perfectly good Russian word “tvorcheskiy” (creative). So you could put “tvorcheskiy direktor” and not sound like an exotic foreign thing but something quite Russian.

    In fact, the concept of the “tvorcheskaya intelligentsia” (“creative intelligentsia”) is one of those things that they always seem to have in Russia over the ages and places like America don’t have quite the same thing.

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