Dec 042006

Amber Night makes her play for YouTube fame. And it’s relevant to game design! Check out the incisive commentary on gold farming:

Amber: Gold farming is like, these players who are Chinese or Australian or something, and they go out and they plant gold… seeds.

Inteviewer: Yeah, I don’t…

Amber: You know, we can quibble over definitions, like, all day long, but can I just say this? It depletes the soil. So you don’t think maybe rotating gold crops with like cantaloupes or mangos or something, that would be OK. Because you never hear about the mango farmers ruining the game. That’s because mango farmers respect the soil.

Yes, she’s acting. 🙂

  2 Responses to “Curse those gold farmers depleting the soil!”

  1. Well, that explains how spammers get customers. I was wondering.

  2. […] Gold farmers form trade association. Or more accurately, apparently, the Korean version of a PAC. You know your little industry’s all grown up when it has its own lobbyists! Clearly, there are soil preservation issues that must be addressed by any RMT industry group. […]

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