State of Play IV

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Oct 072006

I’ve mentioned State of Play IV before, but I just got a reminder email about it asking in part to help with publicizing the conference, so… here I am, publicizing the conference. It does look like I’ll be there on a panel as well.

Also, if you are someone who might make sense as a sponsor for the conference, which has a multiple-year history of really making a significant contribution to the virtual world scene, please do consider being a sponsor.

The set of speakers does look very good, with some voices that we don’t get to hear very often: Unggi Yoon no doubt discussing the state of law and virtual worlds in South Korea, for example.

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  1. Dear Raph Koster

    Thank you for reffering me to your blog readers.
    I look forward to seeing you at SoP IV.

    Best regards

    Ung-gi Yoon

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