Games teaching pointless skills

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Aug 282006

Here’s a great example: someone who has more than mastered Tetris.

I know it’s hugely long, but you do need to stick with it to get to the double-sized blocks, the invisible segment, and so on.

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  2. Ooooohhh man. Talk about pattern matching. That’s insane. Watching that sort of thing is hard to comprehend, let alone understand. It’s like handing someone a fork and in 10 minutes they hand you back a fine germanic pocket watch. Even if you sit and watch it happen – it still seems like some sort of illusion. Watching the blocks miraculously appear in place for 10 minutes straight is overwhelming – you get numb to the awesome nature of it.

    I’m with you on the sentiment though. If the same dynamic could actually be applied to something a bit more directly practicle – he’d be one very employable individual. hehehehe…

  3. Whee! It took me a while to realize the video isn’t speeded up. Amazing.

  4. Clear the person can see and think three steps ahead in addition to moving really fast! That’s gotta be useful for something.

    You know with those text recognition security features that prevent bots from taking over a net service? This person can augment those bots!

    Buy hey, with those invisible blocks maybe it’s a bot working the game πŸ™‚

  5. Every time I see the phrase “gaming skills” it reminds me of this old far side cartoon… Link….

    I can think of many CS:S/WOW/etc gamers who need reminding of the fact that “pwning” in a game doesn’t mean that your chances of “pwning” at real life are any higher πŸ™‚

  6. Cut back 250,000 years:

    CM1: “Man, have you seen Ogg with a rock?”

    CM2: “No, something strange about it?”

    CM1: “Not it, him! Guy could slot that mother through a proto-fly’s eye at 200 yards. Problem is — we don’t hunt flies, and we use spears — hehe!!”

    CM2: “Hoho! What a geek, spending all that time with a bloody rock!”

    The next day in the Great Cave Fire Fiasco of 280,000 BC, everyone’s spears burnt. This was followed by the Large Sharp-toothed Predator Attack of 280,000 BC, the very next day.

    Now, of course, you, I, and everyone we know and even everyone we don’t is descended from Ogg. He _was_ one bad mo-fo with that rock, as it turns out.

    Sharpen your skillz, peepz, whatever they are. Word. πŸ˜‰

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