French attack!

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Apr 072005

Looks like today, the site has been invaded by the French! Among the discussions of the book and the related presentations, we find:

  • Piqué aux jeux which mostly describes Will’s Spore, but which spares a paragraph near the end to talk about the Grammar of Gameplay presentation.
  • Some discussion over at the Gaia guild’s forum, which seems to drift into a discussion about videogames taking up time versus TV.

    Both quote phrases from the book in French–somehow, they sound much nicer.

    «Un jeux ne pourra pas être une oeuvre d’art tant que les jeux n’auront qu’une solution.»

    «Le fossé entre ceux qui veulent que les jeux amusent et ceux qui veulent que les jeux soient un art… n’existe pas.»

    Board Game Geek has also been discussing “A Grammar of Gameplay.” By and large, the geeks like it, which is nice. They’re a tough crowd. 🙂

    A mini-review of AToF has popped up on the Learning Circuits blog. This is the blog for the American Society for Training and Development. I was surprised to see the very positive reception the book has gotten among the e-learning crowd. I’ve been asked to speak at MIT, at various e-learning conferences, at conferences on training, and so on.

    On Sunday, there’s a game design brunch up in LA which is spending the day discussing game design atoms. The list of folks coming is impressive–I hope to make it.

    I’ve added a bunch of reviews from folks like Dan Arey of Naughty Dog, and Dave Sirlin of Backbone to the Press page.

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