GDC10: Justin Hall, Fate of a Social Games Company

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Mar 112010

The story of what happened to PMOG.

Justin Hall, “Fate of a Small Social Games Studio”

Justin started writing online 1994, did game journalism until 1998-2004, then USC Interactive Media Division 2004-2007, whih led to GameLayers Inc.

In mid 2006 saw ppl playing WoW, this sounds great but we are already on computers all day working, why jump back on to play? Could you take the elements of Wow and put them on top of everyday computer life, and get points, levels, etc?

prototype in May 2006, putting D&D stats on top of popular websites, like flickr and google, get str by surfing LA Times, lower Con by surfing Kotaku. Got funded for 10,000 pounds by the BBC. Use this to teach web literacy! But you need British programmers. So we got a British prototyper and built pmog. A toolbar that sat in an iframe and followed you around the web, classified you based on sites visited, let you level up.

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PMOG is going beta…!

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Mar 112008

Justin Hall’s nifty web metagame PMOG is going beta, and you can sign up on their site.

In short, you install an extension to Firefox. Then you browse. You can leave stuff on pages (like bombs!), gain Xp and level up by browsing, do quests, etc. Basically, it layers an RPG on top of browsing: you even have character classes.

This is a great example of the inversion in thinking that comes with the Web approach to doing stuff. I remember toying with a similar but different idea back in the SWG days — an MMO that slurped real world web pages into a full 3d world, and that you ran around in “cyberspace” and played an RPG. How obvious it seems now to instead do it outside of a 3d immersive client!