GDCOnline reg is open

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Jun 142012


Game Developers Conference Online 10.09.12 – 10.11.12 | Austin, TX.

This will be the tenth anniversary of what was once known as just the “Austin Game Conference.” It has always been focused on online, from the first day, back when getting together enough people to talk about online games for multiple days was a challenge.

Now online is where it’s at — just as we were saying all those years ago. It’s shaping up to be a a great set of sessions (disclaimer: I am on the advisory board, so I am biased!).

Trivia: this means it will also be the tenth anniversary of “A Theory of Fun” — the original talk was a keynote at the very first conference.

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  1. Your original talk says it all. No wonder MMORPGs have become so boring. There’s been the few, you among them, who’ve been saying this from the start and before, although even fewer have said it in such an easy to understand form as you did. But even so, I wonder how many of today’s gamers and developers understand the point. It seems to me that none of the latest “AAA” MMORPGs have been directed by people who do. And very few before that.

    Let’s see, UO and Eve definitely “get this”. AC? I didn’t play it, not sure. The purely PvP games like Shadowbane, Darkfall, Mortal Online, Planetside; yes they all get it but don’t get the downside of totally free social interaction in a world where retaliation is actually more of the same (still viable for those who play to crush).

    Butcha know…I don’t think of SWG as “getting this” either. Maybe, but it seemed a little lost in the middle somewhere, not quite “with it” but not totally “out of it”. Maybe I just didn’t play it long enough to get beyond the boring predictable content.

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