MusicThe Sunday Concert: Halloween!

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Nov 012009

Here’s the 2 hour and 20 minute recording of the concert I did yesterday for Halloween on Metaplace. It’s all covers, and there’s plenty of awkward silences between the songs, because you can’t hear and see anything that the audience said and did while I was playing. You only get what went up the stream. Some of my answers to text chat may seem out of context. 🙂

No download link — it’s almost 200MB. 🙂 Edit: here’s a download link for the concert broken up into individual MP3 tracks, in a ZIP file. It’s around 170MB this way.

Before anyone asks, this is just me singing and on solo guitar, plus a harmonizer pedal. Most of the songs are fingerpicked, actually, but I used a flatpick on a few that asked for more of a strum. The recording setup is moderately complicated — mic and guitar into a harmonizer pedal which added some EQ and reverb and of course harmonies sometimes; then guitar further into a multi-effects pedal to add some reverb and punch. I also had a large diaphragm mic, dry (meaning, no reverb or effects at all), sitting close to add detail and some wood back into the guitar. From there, into BUTT and thence up to a Shoutcast station. BUTT did the recording locally.

I tried to make each song lead into the next narratively, and to cover a nice wide range of genres for everyone who was there. Here’s the set list, which was selected to fit the holiday: horror songs, creepy songs, songs about death and madness, prison tunes, and murder ballads and silly songs. It has a bunch of the stuff I usually do — blues, a lot of singer-songwriter material, 80s covers that it’s weird to tackle on acoustic…

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Game talkMusicPlaying live concert nowish!

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Oct 312009

And it will be here:

Concert over!

Thanks to everyone who came — I had a blast! I recorded the audio stream, so I will post it up once I get a chance to peek at it in a sound editor. Off for Halloween night stuff now, though!

Game talkMusicPlaying live Halloween concert tomorrow!

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Oct 302009

A collective of Metaplace users led by the intrepid MacZ have set up a huge Halloween event tomorrow. It kicks off at noon Pacific time in the world Riverbeer with costume contests, art displays, and a bridge to similar events in SL., proceeds to hayrides and world tours at 1pm, then Superbad supplies DJ music in The Lotus Room until 4pm.

And then comes the SCARY part. 🙂 I’ll be doing a 2 hour live set of music selected to fit the spooky theme, just me, my guitar, and as many creepy laughs as I can muster! It runs from 4 to 6pm Pacific in The Stage, and I will have it embedded here too. I set up a special version of the venue all decorated up for Halloween.

After my set, we’ll have more DJing, in the same venue, from J-Digital.

This will be the first time I have done a formal virtual concert, and I am terrified. Come share my fear. 🙂

MiscChong & Koster

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Oct 302009

This is a shoutout to my younger brother Josh Koster (who has been featured on the blog here before) — his firm Chong & Koster, which does political new media services, has just announced a partnership with TSE Consulting, which is a company that deals with what can only be called the politics of sports. They’ll be doing their “nanotargeting messaging” thing for sport-related campaigns.

It is fascinating to me to see the sorts of convergence that are happening; here, it’s new media marketing crashing into Olympic bids with the tools honed during the last election cycle. The world is changing fast!

See the other great press articles that Josh has contributed to at Chong & Koster, or visit them on CrunchBase.

Game talkVirtual Goods presentations

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Oct 302009

Slideshows from the Virtual Goods Summit are starting to pop up, and here two that I found so far:

Virtual Goods: Why & How They Work by Amy Jo Kim, all about them motivations behind virtual goods purchases.

A nicely detailed deck by William Grosso of LiveGamer on Managing a Virtual Economy that has plenty of concrete advice.

Game talkVW educators in the UK, look here

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Oct 272009

Virtual World Watch has  a request for information up — they want to hear from you about how you use virtual worlds in UK higher and further education.

The question

How are you using virtual worlds (e.g. Second Life, OpenSim, Metaplace, OLIVE, Active Worlds, Playstation Home, Blue Mars, Twinity, Wonderland) in teaching, learning or research?

Things you may want to include:

  • Why you are using a virtual world.
  • If teaching using a virtual world, how it fits into your curriculum.
  • Any evaluation of the experience of using the virtual world.
  • Will you do it again next year? Why (or why not)?

A few side points

Oct 272009

He’ll be taking audience questions, as well as answering some of ours. 🙂 Visit by following this link, or if you’re on my site reading this, just click on the embed below:

(event over, but here’s the log!)

Today we had Cory Doctorow in Metaplace, and he was a fascinating speaker!  We had way too many audience questions than we had time for, and could have probably went all day long.  Read on for the full chat log!

Cuppycake: As many of you are aware, Cory Doctorow is a science fiction author and blogger at He’s known for his activism on DRM and copyright, and for providing his books for free on the web through Creative Commons licensing.
Cuppycake: We’re excited to have him in Metaplace today!
Cuppycake: Hi Cory 🙂
doctorow: Hi there!
Cuppycake: First question
Cuppycake: You are a huge proponent of giving away electronic forms of your books. Can you talk about why?

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Game talkRezEd podcast

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Oct 212009

I was lucky enough to be part of a podcast for Global Kids’ Digital Media Initiative, the RezEd podcast, alongside Daniel Livingstone and Joe Castille, who are two of the educators using Metaplace. It was a great conversation! Check it out here.

RezEd Podcast Episode 42 – Metaplace and Forecasting the Future of Virtual Worlds

(WORLD) The forty-second RezEd monthly podcast, produced by Global Kids.

Raph Koster, President of Metaplace, and two practitioners discuss the advantages of using Metaplace within the classroom, and an In Focus with Nic Mitham of KZero, discussing their new chart forecasting the future of virtual worlds.

MusicThe Sunday Song: Ducklings in June

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Oct 182009

I actually wrote this back in June, after a walk in one of the neighborhood parks where there were, you guessed it, some baby ducks.

The recording is a little funky — something weird going on with the panning or presence in the left vs right channels.

I’ve already forgotten how to play it. 🙁